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Message from the Chairman

As Election Day edges near, there are clear signs that Republicans are increasingly concerned that the revitalized Democratic Party is turning New Milford into a two-party town. Incendiary letters to the Spectrum that refer to us as “demagogues” and “radicalized” can only mean GOP members are getting plenty nervous about the plethora of activity emanating from the Democrats these days.

They realize that Gale Alexander presents a formidable challenge in the 67th District State Representative race. How else to explain the petty harassment and inaccurate statements about Gale's campaign that have flowed from local Republicans in the last few months. The latest was Tom Morey's ridiculous complaint lodged against Gale regarding his nomination by the Democratic Town Committee. State election officials enjoyed a hearty laugh and tossed that one out in record time.

How do we know they are targeting Gale? Because any such complaint – even if it had a shred of validity – should have been lodged against the DTC for its actions rather than at Gale. How little provocation they seem to need. He shakes a few hands on the green, and republicans attack.

The truth is that Gale has proved a strong vote-getter in his elections to the New Milford Board of Finance. With his strong grounding in the community. people know better than to believe petty lies and half-truths from partisan hatchet men.

Through this all, Gale has waged a positive campaign advocating his innovative plan to reform municipal taxes in the state and outlining his views on any number of important issues that face Connecticut and New Milford.

Please visit http://ourcandidate.org/ for more on Gale's campaign.


Andy Grossman
New Milford Democratic Town Committee

September 5, 2014




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