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As Democrats, we pride ourselves on being a much more inclusive party: Unlike Republicans, we are highly tolerant of differences of opinions within our ranks. Republicans who break with party orthodoxy get punished -- locally and nationally. The Democratic Party, on the other hand, truly houses a "big tent."

Having said that, Democrats do agree on a broad spectrum of basic principles and we will be spelling those out in the coming weeks and months as part of mayoral candidate David Gronbach's platform on how Democrats would govern New Milford. Here is a sneak peek at some of those policies:

Pettibone School. Democrats have long opposed the closing the school and we remain steadfast in calling for the building in the Board of Education's hands. The three Democrat BOE members were the only ones to object to the move. Conversely, four Republican Town Council members vocally called for selling the property to developers. The mayor also favored the closing.

A long-term plan for New Milford. For 12 years, the administration has governed the town pretty much by the seat of its pants; officials have expressed no long-term strategic vision for what New Milford should look in 2020. Their only consistent cohesive policy has been one of stripping services as New Milford drivers know only too well by the pot-holed roads. Where is the planning? Where is the vision for development? This is ad hoc governing, making it up as they go along.

Development. Democrats believe the best way to keep taxes down is to attract industries that will benefit the town, not just national chains that pay minimum wages, offer minimal benefits and bring little in the way of tax money to town coffers. Businesses and industries looking to relocate desire more than just low taxes: They want excellent schools and a rich quality of life. That means better recreational activities (how about an ice skating rink?), less traffic (or improved traffic flow), preserving Candlewood Lake, and more.

We'll be fleshing these and other issues out during the course of the campaign, offering our vision of New Milford's future as a vibrant town that stays true to its traditional small-town New England roots through long-term planning for manageable growth.


Andy Grossman
Andy Grossman
New Milford Democratic Town Committee

April 10, 2015 

David Gronback -- Candidate for the Democratic Nomination
David Gronbach is seeking the Democratic nomination for Mayor.
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A few photos of David Gronbach's Sunday Event,by John Kane

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