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If an army marches on its stomach, then a political party runs on its wallet. In the best of all worlds, elections would be publicly funded so that candidates could spend more of their time meeting the voters instead of reaching out to supporters for cash.

Unfortunately, Republicans rarely have a problem raising money – especially when they are in power. We Democrats, with our greater grass-roots appeal that elicits smaller contributions, need to generate a larger base of support.

No one LIKES asking for money. Fewer enjoy giving it. But without donations from generous people like yourselves, we would be unable to run a competitive race. We’re off to a good start: The Democratic Town Committee has more money in the bank today than it has for any election since 2001. But it will take more if we are to get our message across to as many voters as possible.

Want to keep the town from selling Pettibone School to a developer who will put up another big-box chain store? Any size donation will help. And of course, it is our solemn promise that once in office our doors will be open to everyone in New Milford. We guarantee that money will not buy influence, that we will fill town offices and commissions with the best qualified people regardless of party affiliation. The era of cronyism must end.

Soon, we hope to launch a PayPal link that will make it easier to donate. In the meantime, you can attend our family picnic on Sunday, Aug. 23, one of our September fund-raisers (details to come), or get in touch with anyone on the Democratic Town Committee, or respond if we come knocking at your door.

We need your help to end 12 years of one-party rule in New Milford and get the Change You Deserve.


Andy Grossman
Andy Grossman
New Milford Democratic Town Committee

June 30, 2015

David Gronback -- Candidate for the Democratic Nomination
David Gronbach, the Democratic candidate for Mayor.
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