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Message from the Chairman

Something was missing from the Oct. 21 debate between the candidates for State Representative at the New Milford Public Library where Democrat Gale Alexander and Green Party candidate Cynthia Day answered questions on important issues facing New Milford from qualified moderator Stephen Warshaw for almost an hour.

That something was Republican incumbent Cecilia Buck-Taylor who had signaled her intent to skip the forum the previous week.. She wanted an experienced moderator, yet disparaged the talents of our local judge Martin Landgrebe; sought to mandate Cynthia Day's appearance, although Ms Day is free to make her own choices; and didn't think there was enough publicity in the newspaper.

Well, she'll get publicity all right, just not the kind she wanted. It would be an insult to New Milford voters for the News-Times to endorse the Republican now. Don't we deserve to ask her about her anemic record in Hartford? About why the League of Conservation Voters gave her the sixth-worst voting record on environment among the 151 members of the Connecticut House? About why she has not presented any constructive ideas toward fixing our town and state's tax problems beyond the Republicans' typical one-note mantra of “cutting spending.”

Just what she does she think Gov. Malloy did in his first year when presented with a deficit of $3.6 billion as the residue of 20 years of irresponsible GOP rule in the statehouse? He cut $700 million from
discretionary spending.

Did we get a chance to hear what Buck-Taylor would do to curb our pernicious drug problem, or help taxpayers on fixed incomes saddled with rising property taxes? No.

We heard what Gale Alexander would do. We heard him expound on a wide range of subjects including: tax reform, education, transportation and the environment..

Thanks, Gale.

Lets hope voters thank you on Nov. 4 when they vote for State Rep.

Please visit http://ourcandidate.org/ for more on Gale's campaign.


Andy Grossman
Andy Grossman
New Milford Democratic Town Committee

October 23, 2014




Gale Alexander for Statea Representative

Gale Alexander, Candidate, 67th State Representative

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