"The next Democratic Town Committee meeting will be April 20, 7:30pm at the Cook House."

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Message from the Chairman

The New Milford Democratic Party is on a roll!

In late March Democratic Mayoral hopeful, David Gronbach, hosted about 100 people at his coming-out event, seeking the Democratic nomination, at the American Kitchen restaurant (try the crab cakes). David's announcement elicited many offers of volunteering for the campaign as well as a number of campaign contributions.

David has an outstanding resume, but he’s even more impressive in person; he’ll be giving voters many chances to meet, greet and grill him on the issues in the coming months. We’re taking head on any issues this year, no matter how tough the questions.

We are now in the process of filling the remainder of our ticket. We encourage anyone who is interested to step forward and let us know if you are interested in running for a town office. There is a list of all the elected offices at http://bit.ly/1CEzmw2.

Here is how the process works: The Democratic Town Committee will form a Nominating Committee that will interview any party member who wishes to run for office and then issue its recommendations to the DTC which will in turn offer its endorsements at a meeting in mid-to-late July. On the same night, the DTC will present its November slate to a caucus that is open to all registered Democrats in New Milford. Anyone at the caucus can nominate a candidate for one of the various offices or members can endorse the DTC’s entire slate.

Please join us at our next meeting, Monday April 20 at 7:30pm on the second floor of the Cookhouse (no obligation to eat or drink).


Andy Grossman
Andy Grossman
New Milford Democratic Town Committee

April 10, 2015 

David Gronback -- Candidate for the Democratic Nomination
David Gronbach is seeking the Democratic nomination for Mayor.
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A few photos of David Gronbach's Sunday Event,by John Kane

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