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April 20, 2016

Message from the Chairman

This is a great time to be a Democrat in New Milford.

In the past, we have largely been shut out of running the important boards and commissions that provide the backbone for keeping the town moving. These people – essential volunteers all – set or recommend policies that support our highly prized quality of life in New Milford.

Republicans – and their Unaffiliated friends – have dominated most of these boards for years. Now we can put our stamp on daily life in town.

You've undoubtedly read about how the Republican-led Sewer Commission sat by while a huge debt was piling up. You can help set policy to prevent that from happening again: There's an opening on the Commission.

You can help decide if the town is over or under-assessing property. There's an opening on the Board of Assessment Appeals (and it carries a small stipend.)

There are a number of other vacancies where you can help set policy for running New Milford. Please, if you are a Democrat, contact the Democratic Town Committee through this site; Unaffiliated voters, call or e-mail the mayor's office through


Andy Grossman
Andy Grossman
New Milford Democratic Town Committee

October 20, 2015

David Gronback -- Candidate for the Democratic Nomination

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Stillman
Former mayoral candidate, Board of Education and Town Committe Member.
He will be sorely missed. Click here for his obituary

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New Milford Democrats shared New Milford River Trail's photo — celebrating Earth Day.

Thanks to the Mayor and Town Council, a Bike and Trail Committee is being formed in New Milford. This notice ran on the front page of Friday's New Milford Spectrum. #newmilfordreivertrail #newmilfordct

Well done New Milford! Ride safely 🚴 & enjoy our beautiful countryside this weekend:

Posted: 04/23/2016

Ortho is acting out of concern for possible threats to honeybees and other pollinators and to reassure customers that "Ortho's got their back, taking care of whatever they need controlled in the most responsible manner," Martin said. The severity of the effects of neonics on bees appears to vary dep…

Ortho to drop #neonicotinoides pesticides - bees dying from this chemical - and who knows what else...#agriculture

Posted: 04/13/2016

[...] Gronbach argued Wednesday, and Town Attorney Randy DiBella confirmed, that under the charter the budget goes directly to referendum after finance board approval. Gronbach told the finance board Tuesday that he made these cuts because the original public works request, for more than $2.9 million, represented a 92 percent increase over this year’s figure, and he wanted to restore spending to “historic levels.” The $100.3 million budget carries a property tax rate of $26.77 for every $1,000 of assessed valuation, including the 0.06 increase to cover the restored funds.

This was a Republican proposal. Don't blame the mayor or Town Council. We could have always added to the DPW's budget later on as needed. Another winter like the one just past -- global warming anyone? -- and DPW doesnt need the equipment. Also, why didn't the Republicans raise this issue in Town Council if they were so concerned. Why wait until they got to the Board of Finance -- which is not the most appropriate place to add expenditures? The Board of Finance was right there during the budget hearings -- why didn't they say something then? Why didn't the Republican Council members make a proposal if the issue was so important to them?

Posted: 04/18/2016

New Milford Democrats shared The Office of Mayor David R. Gronbach's photo — celebrating World Autism Awareness Day.

The eighth annual World Autism Awareness Day is April 2, 2016. Every year, autism organizations around the world celebrate the day with unique fundraising and awareness-raising events. This year the Town will be changing the lights to blue on Town Hall and the Bandstand from April 1 thru April 11 and encouraging everyone to support WEAR BLUE FOR AUTISM on Tuesday April 5, 2016.

#LIUB today in New Milford with our Mayor:

Posted: 04/02/2016

New Milford Democrats shared The Office of Mayor David R. Gronbach's post.

As I continue to believe that every dollar should be spent wisely, we have identified some money saving measures: By switching our cellular accounts to Verizon, we will be saving a total of $4,816 over the coming year. Additionally, the cancellation of the Mayor's office cable account will save $840 per year. We have moved forward on cancelling the Shop NM website as well, which sadly never took off as hoped, and will save $2,600 per year. Finally, you may have noticed that the sidewalk from Bridge Street to Young's Field park has been completed. We were able to use grant funds to complete that project, saving about $26,000 that was originally proposed! These decisions will be saving the Town about $34,256 over the next year. Small changes add up big!

Continued savings to our tax payers:

Posted: 03/30/2016

New Milford Democrats shared Democratic Party's photo.

Wishing all those celebrating today a very happy Easter! 🌷 🐣 🐰

Happy Easter 🐰👒💚🐣

Posted: 03/27/2016

“Congratulations to #NewMilford Development Director Kevin Bielmeier -”

Congratulations to #NewMilford Development Director Kevin Bielmeier -

Posted: 03/25/2016

New Milford Democrats in New Milford, Connecticut.

There has been a significant amount of misinformation in recent days regarding the Water Pollution Control Authority (“WPCA”) and the Sewer Commission’s proposed rate increases. To explain how we got here, the WPCA has expenses, including the debt owed to the Town, that exceed its revenue. The Town…

From our Mayor:

Posted: 03/17/2016

Read the Obituary and view the Guest Book, leave condolences or send flowers. | Stillman, Dr. Lawrence B. Dr. Lawrence B. Stillman of New Milford, CT, died March 8, 2016 at Regional Hospice in Danbury, CT, with his family at his side at the age of 77. He was born in Huntington

All of our condolences go out to Dr. Stillman's family. We are proud to have been a part of his life.

Posted: 03/15/2016

New Milford Democrats shared's video.

In order to fix income inequality we must talk about this first. Demos & explain . . .

Posted: 03/13/2016

For our fall contests, we have two different media outlets, two fresh polls to look at today. NBC : The poll shows that Trump, who frequently boasts in interviews and campaign appearances ...

Why I am rooting so, so hard for Trump. -- Andy

Posted: 03/11/2016

New Milford Democrats in New Milford, Connecticut.

NEW MILFORD — The town Sewer Commission, which is considering possible rate increases to help repay bond debt from the 2012 plant expansion, is asking residents to weigh in on the idea. In the years since $22.2 million in bonds were sold to finance the plant expansion, the commission has had to seek…

#NewMilford Sewer Commission holding public hearing on their debt problem, March 17, Town Hall, 7pm:

Posted: 03/09/2016

New Milford Democrats in New Milford, Connecticut.

NEW MILFORD — The 30th District State Senate seat is wide open this election year and Democrats in New Milford are backing David Lawson to be the party’s candidate for that seat. State Senator Clark Chapin, R-30th Dist, announced last year that he would not be running for re-election leaving the dis…

Update on the State Senate seat:

Posted: 03/07/2016

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